If you are accepting Credit Cards, you run the risks of Chargebacks, where a customer receives the goods and
services, and then tells his credit card company that for one reason or another, that they never received anything, or that they never did business with you, that the product was defective or not to their satisfaction, and that they never authorized any transactions. When this happens you are on the line to prove that you deserve the money.Its time consuming, anxiety causing work, and it may or may not be successful. You could incur losses in the thousands before you know it through no fault of your own. You don’t have to be one of these.

With Transmit Pay we can help using up to the minute, state of the art tools at our fingers to aggressively reduce the number of chargebacks and to improve your chances from recovering from a fraudulent customer attack. There are ways  to give your company a “fighting chance” to present your case for the money that you legitimately earned, and prevent losses, and Transmit Pay can help. But its best to have a system in place ahead of time, than to wait for an attack. In many cases, companies that are not protected, find that a bank will honor the charge back request immediately and advise you that you’ll need to go after the customer yourselves.


The best offense is a good defense, and this is especially true with Transmit Pay’s approach to Chargeback
Fraud protection. We can help set up a system for winning against fraudulent claims against your business. We
can help make your business a harder target. What this means, is you have a better chance of winning a charge
back dispute, and the trail is easier to follow, and what is most important is, that rather than instantly reversing payment concerning a customers claim, an objective investigation is made, concerning all documents.

Unfortunately without Transmit Pay in you corner, if you ever run into a charge back, you’ll find that the
customer is already long gone with your money, and the bank didn’t even let you know there was a problem until
after they gave your money back to the customer. This is not fair to you, and these losses can be catastrophic.
What if, in one day your bank account was suddenly drained for thousands of dollars? You may not even have
money to pay for the resources to go after the customer. With Transmit Pay, we can give you a fighting chance,
and greatly reduce you chances of losing to outright fraud. We’d be happy to go over the details with you. With
charge back fraud, it’s not a question of if, its a question of when and how much are you going to lose because
of it. Don’t become an easy victim, give us a call today!