Transmit Pay provides you a complete web-based, and on site series of payment and business solutions to better help you to manage and control your day-to-day business activities and improve your bottom line, as well as extend your reach worldwide, simultaneously operating in countries and currencies around the world.
At Transmit Pay you’ll be working with industry leading professionals with many years of experience in helping merchants and their employees to manage their payment needs in their business at every level from, concept to completion of an entire payment and risk management platform to keep you in business doing what you do best,and that is taking care of your customers.


Established in 2002 collectively, Transmit Pay professionals represent over 10 years in the Industry. Our
online experience dates back to the earliest days of Internet Commerce and the advent of the Internet Shopping carts and predates PayPal, and Amazon. In short, with our years of experience we can
put the lessons learned to work for you.
It is our mission to use our resources and skills sets and service to help your business go as far as it possibly
can, with happy satisfied customers who feel confident and secure in doing business with you, and to provide
you, our client with the best in world class service. For more information, contact Transmit Pay to learn more
about our world class service and solutions.
Transmit Pay is a privately-held corporation based in Hong Kong with our administrative and sales offices located in Europe And USA. To speak with anyone at Transmit Pay please call our main number USA: (646) 450-3060, and your call will be routed appropriately.