At some point, a Customer or potential client may need something from you. They may need the assurance that
you are a real company, or person at the other end, and they may need a few things explained, or have a very
technical detail that they need answered. If you aren’t there to pick up the phone when it rings, you’re done. You
have lost that customer, and given them reason to question and doubt you. Transmit Pay can help develop a
customized call center support structure that is there for your customers when you cannot be, day or night,
allowing you to get more leads, more customers, and go about the important business activities that you handle
every day.


Our Call Center Support Services can be designed any way that you need them to. For instance, we can train
our staff to answer any frequently asked questions about your product or service, using the training data that you
provide, which we can index and assist callers with. We can also handle existing customer calls and after care.
One of the best ways to keep a customer and win future references is to maintain care of the customer after the
sale. At Transmit Pay we can suggest a number of ways to build upon that customer relationship, and keep
them coming back to you for future business. Perhaps what your Customers need are technical support related
answers. We can help develop a Tech Support hotline where your customers know they are being looked after,
and walked through the necessary steps towards a solution. Studies show that the highest causes of customer
dissatisfaction after the sale, are lack of good support, and the complaint that no one ever responded to their
questions. We can help increase your sales reach and customer retention potentials, and as you can see,
almost any business model can stand to benefit from an active support staff, available to your customers 24/7,
even while you are home asleep. Our call in support people are trained to the highest standards, and all are
positive people who conduct themselves with a very high degree of professionalism. Give us a call today and
learn more how Transmit Pay can help you win even more loyal and happy customers!