The Internet Age is OUR age, and if you don’t want to be left behind with the masses of customers flocking to
Check 21 and ACH, the latest way to get customers to send you a check for your goods and services without
using an actual check,Transmit Pay Can help. With new technologies come new opportunities, and the trend is
growing so fast that you need a company that’s firmly seated at the forefront of all the rules and procedures of
ACH and Check 21 processing. If you are a business that is ready to start getting customers from these new
avenues, one of the first steps needed is to call us and we can help get you going. With check 21, banks can
get you your money faster, as there are no physical paper checks being circulated, and instead creates a legally
equivalent document for the customer, which gets put through much faster which means money is in your
account where it’s needed most, and Transmit Pay can help. On average paper checks are handled about 28
times before it gets to your account. Check 21 just makes good business sense, and the funds are deposited to
your account quickly.


With Transmit Pay we can help you tap into the power of the most common gateway for electronic transactions
in the world: ACH, or Automated Clearance House processing. ACH processes billions of dollars in transactions
for merchants around the world each year, making it the largest of its kind. Think of ACH as a Air Traffic
Controller that makes sure that all the payments, reach the right destination in an orderly fashion without crashing into the ground. With Transmit Pay, we help work through and establish a set relationship so that you can harness the magnetic buying strength of the multi-billion dollar ACH network. If you are needing help, we’d like to invite you to have a friendly chat with one of our Transmit Pay professionals, and we will be happy to help work through all your questions. Although set up is fairly simple, it’s a process that must be done correctly. Give us a call today! We’re here for you and happy to help with your Merchant Bank Acquiring needs!