We are now offering select Reseller and Partnership Accounts to individuals interested in setting up their own business, looking for new avenues of income,  or as an extension to their existing business.   Its easy to get started up with us and a Transmit Pay associate can help answer any questions you may have.

Transmit Pay are comprised of leaders in the area of payment processing and worldwide online gateway services.  Together we can explore how you might be able to extend the Transmit Pay reach to your customers or clients, and our sales engineers can train selected applicants in all phases and manners of our series of Products and Services.

How can I become a reseller?

Becoming a reseller is quick and simple.

Please Complete the Form below with all the requested information and we will get back with you with the details, as well as answer any question s that you might have. Your details will be used for the sole purpose of understanding your profile as a potential reseller, and to make a dermination as how best we can help you.

Transmit Pay Reseller Program