While the name may sound reminiscent of some 1990′s Stock Market movie about hostile takeovers, and
Corporate pirates, Merchant Back Acquiring is something that every business needs to understand. If you are a
business that is ready to start accepting payments, one of the first steps needed is to get a Merchant Bank
Acquirer and Transmit Pay can help. These banks work more or less as middlemen in the transaction process.
They are professional institutions, and licensed by Major Credit card organizations such as Visa, MasterCard
and American Express. They work behind the scenes to ensure that transactions are credited to your account
fairly, seamlessly and in a timely matter. On one side you have your bank account, and on the other, your
customers bank account, and in the middle are these guys who facilitate the trade off making sure the money
from the transaction gets to your account.


Transmit Pay has forged relationships over the years with the highest reputable, rock-solid Merchant Bank
Acquiring agencies in the business, and can put their knowledge and tools and the power of these relationships
to use for you. With Transmit Pay, we help work through and clear all the logistical hurdles to ensure a clean
pathway of funds from the customers’ bank to yous, and without allowing all of the industry mumbo-jumbo to get
in the way. If you are looking for a performer in your corner, have a friendly chat with one of our Transmit Pay
We’re here for you and happy to help with your Merchant Bank Acquiring needs!